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Ssquares Tech is a well known Web Design Company Bhilai. We use the web design approach to create exceptional services for your users that align with your brand and business.

We are a web design company at heart with expertise in user-centric delivery of experience, storytelling, and digital marketing. Implementing design thinking in creating digital products allows us to deeply understand what people want, what they need and what is the best design solution that will add value for all stakeholders.

At Ssquares we oppose the one size fits all attitude, so we never limit the scope of what we offer our clients.

The suite of services below is just a taste of what we are capable of. The creative strength of our team doesn’t care for boundaries – only results.

Website design and development

First impression count! We pride ourselves on designing fast loading, visually appealing websites that effectively market your brand to your target audience.

  • Information / e-commerce web design and development
  • UI/ UX design
  • CMS development
  • QA testing and integration

Web tools and web applications

Our highly skilled developers will gladly help get you to the forefront using mobile application technology to benefit your business

  • Operational Efficiency Strategies
  • Concept validity & technical analysis
  • Solution architecture
  • Development and deployment

Interactive design and development

We specialize in scalable, interactive and secure websites that provide an enjoyable experience.

  • Interaction and touch screen design
  • User interface design and integration

API integration solution

We streamline your business process for optimized results with seamless third-party API integration services.

  • Analysis and development
  • Reliability and performance analysis

Digital marketing

Ever wondered why your site isn’t in Google’s top 10 lists? Our websites are well optimized and have every chance of ranking high on search engines. Let us position you!

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Analytics
  • Copywriting

Ssquares Tech is a multi-talented and affordable web design company Bhilai, dedicated to developing fresh, creative and quality web design solutions that drive strong business results for our clients. Whether you require a creative website to generate sales leads, an e-commerce online store to sell your products or simply tired of your old website, we are always available to assist and grow your business.

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