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The Africa Polls

The Africa Polls is your premier media source for Pan-African news, and the authentic platform for tracking African Excellence.

Explore with us as we embark on a journey to uncover the latest trends, societal issues, and inspirational narratives that define Africa's past, present, and future.

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Using WordPress, our development team was able to create a stunning design that was easily optimized to attract prospective readers. Thanks to smartly organised and compellingly displayed content, sophisticated SEO and user-focused design, a huge part of website visitors eventually turned into active readers of The Africa Poll.

Our team redesigned the website, improving the accessibility and aesthetics. With the clean layout, easy navigation, an up-to-date search facility and a smart content management system, The Africa Poll's posts have never been so accessible. The new website design not only embraces all the quality content that The Africa Poll has built over the years, but is also a highly effective marketing tool.

Since going live, The Africa Poll website has attracted the attention of more than 4,000 visitors across the globe. Our internet marketing team implemented extensive keyword research, a competitive industry analysis, content strategy, on-page optimization, and white-hat link building to increase rankings and website conversions.
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